Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tastes of 2009

Excerpts from an 11/17/08 article in the Convenience Store News

CHICAGO -- Don’t expect bland flavors in 2009, according to research firm Mintel, which recently released a report of the trendy flavors that will be used in new products next year. Product manufacturers will mix in exotic fruits and fresh, soothing flavors, with a touch of spice, the company stated.

"Today's manufacturer is constantly looking for those tastes and aromas that stand out and capture shoppers' imagination," Mintel new product expert, Lynn Dornblaser, said in a statement. "By adding exotic fruits and unusual ingredients to everyday products, companies give people the opportunity to experiment and move out of their comfort zones without breaking the bank."

There are seven flavors that will present themselves in 2009 and become heavy-hitters across the globe, the company stated. Those flavors cited by Mintel are:

Starfruit -- An unusually shaped, distinctly flavored fruit that is catching on around the globe.

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