Monday, April 11, 2011

Southern Expansion - the Belmopan fields

Here is an aerial photo of our first field in Belmopan. This picture was taken about a month ago.

There are 10 acres of large papaya and 7 acres of solo. Our nursery is in the upper right corner.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Uniq Fruit winning the 'Ugly' award

Check out the latest nutritional news about Uniq Fruit in our Tropical Nutrition web page.

Our registered dietician columnist, Donna Shields. suggests some great recipes to try. The Uniq Seviche - no cook version - is fantastic.

Greg Smith joins Brooks Tropicals 2

Here's a link to the And Now U Know video announcing Greg's joining Brooks Tropicals as CEO.

Papaya - the fruit to be associated with

About once a month, I'd find the word 'papaya' used outside the normal produce arena: NYC hot dog stands, Nicole Kidman's latest outfit, soaps, Christmas ornaments, etc.

The last month I'm seeing 'papayas' everywhere.

Do you watch the CBS show "Amazing Race"? If you do, you probably saw the show that critics are calling a one-hour
commercial for Snapple bottled teas. The show highlighted their new Mango-Papaya tea, available in both regular and diet versions.

If you watch ABC's "Modern Family," you may have noticed the wall collages In Haley's room that mix photos with Papaya prints. Papaya is an Oregon-based company that creates bold graphic art with handmade style.

'PapayaMobile' has become the Android's leading social gaming network, offering a full suite of social gaming features.

In retail clothing stores, there's Papaya an upscale store with a contemporary environment focusing on 16 to 25 year-olds.

Exciting to see papayas recognized beyond the produce section in the grocery store.