Friday, February 15, 2008

New Director of Avocado Grove Operations

Jeff Crawford has been promoted to Director of Grove Operations for Brooks Tropicals. Jeff will oversee the company’s SlimCado avocado grove maintenance and harvesting programs as well as work with independent growers to bring their avocados to market.

Jeff started in the industry in 1974 with a machete in his hand learning production from the ground up. Coming to Brooks in 1982, Jeff was just in time for a packing house fire, Hurricane Andrew and citrus canker – just a few of the more notable events in Brooks’ history.

Born and raised in Homestead, Jeff finds growing avocados a challenge every year. Luckily for Brooks it’s a challenge he loves. It’s a love fed by the farmer’s mentality of wanting to see fruit grow.

Jeff lives in Homestead with his two sons John and Jason