Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Marie Simard promoted to Brooks Tropicals Controller

Marie Simard has been promoted to Controller. Having joined the firm in July of 2007 as Purchased Fruit Account Manager, Marie more recently held the Assistant Controller position.

Marie came to Brooks from A Nose for Clothes Retail Stores where she was Controller and Operations Manager. Wanting to focus more on finance and accounting, Marie accepted a position in the very large and extremely diversified accounting department here at Brooks.

“I wanted a challenge, and I got it” says Marie. “I’m learning new things everyday. It makes the job exciting.”

As if having a full-time job and being a full-time mom to three daughters isn’t enough, Marie goes to Florida International University and has been studying for her bachelor’s degree for the past five years. Having not taking a summer off since she’s started, she plans on using the momentum to start her masters in 2009.

Asked what she’d like to do once she’s graduated with her Masters’ degree, Marie didn’t hesitate. “I want to teach part-time. I find teaching very rewarding,” said Marie who then quickly added “also.”
Marie’s ability to achieve tremendous long-term goals bodes well for Brooks Tropicals’ future.