Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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It's not so common to see a personal blog talk about the Caribbean Red papaya. Other than the blogger incorrectly assuming that Caribbean Red papayas are Mexican papayas, the blog post is interesting and quite factual with a number of followers. I'm posting just the first couple of paragraphs, I suggest reading the comments to the blog post. The comments are from consumers who have tried papayas or are thinking of trying papayas. The blogger is from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Papayas 101
Published August 18, 2009 by cheryl
You put the lime in the papaya and drink ‘em both up…*

One of our big delights in summer and fall are the huge “Caribbean Red” or “Mexican” papayas. We usually buy them at Costco, but you’ll sometimes find them in the grocery stores as well.
Most people, if they’re familiar with papayas at all, are more familiar with the smaller Hawaiian papayas that are a little bigger than a pear. This variety is much larger – this one’s about 10″ long:

I’ve found that most people I’ve talked to have rarely, if ever, had papaya. And even those that have, don’t really know much about them or how to know when they’re ready to eat. They’re truly missing out on the fruit that Christopher Columbus supposedly called “the fruit of the angels”. So let’s have a quick lesson in papayas, OK?