Friday, June 6, 2008

New SlimCado marketing campaign officially launched

We're picking SlimCados and launching a new marketing campaign to announce their arrival.

New ads, new web home page, new email signatures, and a new look for our Weekly Market Update. It doesn't get any more exciting than that in marketing.

If you are familiar with our advertising, you'll see we've gone a totally different direction, taking our ads in the last three months from illustrative to photographic.

It's a change I didn't simply charged into because the old illustrations are easily recognizable as Brooks'. Customers opening The Packer (an industry trade publication) would quickly recognize that it was a Brooks ad on the page. For three years*, the benefits of an updated look was trumped by brand recognition.

So why change now?

Between January and March of this year, our advertising has been minimal with SlimCados being out of season and our papayas still feeling the impact from Hurricane Dean. I decided to use the break to renter the advertising fray with a refreshed and updated advertising look.

The campaign centers around how SlimCado Avocados are healthy toppings for various dishes. The first ad shows a colorful salad. Soup, hamburger and sandwich ads are in the works.

* Today is my work anniversary, I started at Brooks Tropicals three years ago today.
Most folks would have to give their work anniversary date some thought before answering the question. For 22 years I worked at AT&T where your 'work start' date was constantly used for a wide variety of benefits and other calculations.
Although I loved working at AT&T and thankful for all the opportunities that company afforded me, I treasure working at Brooks which has a much more conducive environment for marketing (and just about anything else, I might add).
Here, I have to count the number of PMAs I've pulled together to figure out how many years I've been here. PMA number four is coming up.