Friday, June 20, 2008

Auditor can't believe his eyes! Brooks again excels in food safety.

Yes you read it right, our Homestead packing house, maintenance department and storage cooler were so good that the food safety inspector had trouble believing his eyes! He says he's coming back to see it again.

During the audit - while the auditor snapped dozens of photos to show other houses what a packing house should look like -he said that these facilities were one of the cleanest he has ever seen. He even said it looked like a museum.

During lunch the auditor raved about the company's efforts and performance.

So how high are the scores? 99% on the Homestead facility shipping coolers and 97% on the avocado packinghouse,* Brooks Tropicals has a lot to be proud about.

Other companies can say they passed a food safety audit with only 80%. Brooks is heads and shoulders above that.

To shout our success to customers, our advertising will have a new icon (see above).

*And let's not forget the recent 95% score achieved at our Caribbean Red and Caribbean Sunrise packing facility in Belize. Second excellent audit for our Belize operations.