Friday, August 24, 2007

Introducing the SlimCado Chefs' Corner

The new SlimCado Avocado Chefs' Corner is up and running.

The popular Chefs' Corner on the Brooks Tropicals' website has been enhanced with an entire section on SlimCado avocados.

For culinary professionals or recreational chefs - those who take cooking seriously for family or friends - the SlimCado Chefs' Corner has exciting new recipes that show off what the SlimCado avocado can do for entrees, soups, sandwiches, and wraps. Even party favorite guacamole develops an extra kick with two new looks and tastes.

Link also to the SlimCado Chefs' Corner for storage and preparation tips essential for cooks wherever they're cooking, restaurant or at home.

Point your browser to the newly updated Chefs' Corner and see what's so special about the SlimCado avocado and how this avocado can perform for your family or friends.