Thursday, August 2, 2007

Brooks Tropicals Donates $10,000 to Belize Scholarship Fund

Brooks Tropicals has donated $10,000 (Belizean dollars) to Belize's Corozal Bay Scholarship Education Fund set-up by the Corozal Bay Executive Committee.

Brooks Tropicals grows, packs and ships its Caribbean Red and Caribbean Sunrise papayas in Belize's Corozal region.

Through Brooks' Belize subsidiary - Fruta Bomba - the company in years past has worked closely with local schools in meeting their specifc needs. With this program, Fruta Bomba managers work directly with school principals to determine then deliver and/or install the annual company gift. Depending upon the schools' needs, these educational institutions have received photocopiers, refrigerators, water pumps, rewired buildings, school books, student desks and much more.

For Brooks and Fruta Bomba, the $10,000 Belize Scholarship donation is in addition to this ongoing school donation program. The Honorable Vildo Marin Deputy Prime Minister made the request for the contribution to the Corozal Bay Scholarship Education Fund. Brooks' donation will be used to directly assist students in finishing high school and sixth form.

The Belize government has made education their top priority, having decided to employ all possible efforts to assist young people in need of financial assistance. Brooks Tropicals and its local Belizean subsidiary Fruta Bomba welcome the chance to assist the Belizean government in this effort.