Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Brooks Tropicals LLC, CEO Greg Smith joins firm.

Press Release: Homestead, Florida 3/17/11

New Brooks Tropicals, LLC, CEO Greg Smith eagerly joins the premier tropical produce company this week.

“I like to think ahead and plan to make it happen. I’m seeing tremendous opportunities for this firm,” said Smith. “We’re not far from being 100 years old and I think we’ll hit that benchmark with a widening footprint in papayas, Florida avocados, starfruit and more. Our quality will make our brands – Caribbean Red papayas, SlimCado avocados and Caribbean Sunrise papayas – hard to beat.

“Brooks Tropicals is a great operation with great people working for it,” said Smith. “I see myself getting passionate about both the business and the industry, but that will not be hard to do considering the Brooks name, the people and our position in the industry.”

Smith comes to Brooks Tropicals after 37 years at Coca-Cola. With a background in operations, finance, auditing and procurement, Smith hopes to support the team by initially focusing most of his efforts on the financial side of the house, while the Brooks team gets him up to speed on the field and packing operations along with the sales and marketing side of the firm.

“It’s invigorating,” said Neal “Pal” Brooks, president of Brooks Tropicals. “The company’s past has laid the foundation for a promising future. I believe Greg Smith can lead the company there.”

“Brooks Tropicals has the right people and the right products in place,” Smith said. “Although the bar has been set high, I plan on making this a better company and a better place to work.”

Smith has been married for more than 32 years to Debbie. They have one son, Travis.