Monday, July 26, 2010

Earl Basto, BFP's artist-in-residence

Posted by Darrell Thompson

Belize Fruit Packers has always been distinguished for its quality fruit and service, but how about the talent of it’s employees?

Earl Basto is an Assistant Supervisor to the Food Safety Department. He’s be known for his excellent interpersonal skill, leadership, but most of all for his creativity and talent. Earl boasts of his talent for tattooing, making piercing, but most of all wall painting and graffiti.

Earl was chosen to paint BFP’s logo inside the packinghouse and to the entrance of the facilities in a project to make the company more lucid and lively. Spray cans, paper, tape, and a picture of the logo was all that he used along with his talent. It took him half day to paint each logo, making it look realistic, but most of all gorgeous.

Earl has been constantly contacted by churches, schools, and other friends to do these types of paintings, giving a touch of colour and harmony to silent walls.