Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HyVee Health Tip: Focus on Heart Health in February

Excerpt from an transcript of a news feature on KSFY TV, Sioux Falls South Dakota

As you head to your local grocery store next time, let your heart be your guide. There are lots of heart healthy choices you can make right in the aisles.

Jessica Waltner, Registered Dietician with HyVee says, "I think one of the big things for eating for heart health is watching what kinds of fats you eat. You really want to focus on those healthy fats.

There are three different kinds of fats: poly unsaturated, mono unsaturated and saturated fat."

The better fats are the first two, the unsaturated fats, and they're found in things like olive oil, canola oil, nuts, seeds and fish.

Another great source of those monounsaturated fats is the avocado, and now in addition to the regular kind, there's a new lower fat version called the Slimcado, but they're both great choices.