Friday, May 1, 2009

Salsa featuring fresh produce could bolster tropicals at foodservice level

Excerpts from an article in The Packer published 4/30/09 by Abraham Mahshie

Despite the dreary economy, tropical fruit suppliers are seeing glimmers of hope and signs that the groundwork has been laid for a robust future.

"The mainstream food service industry first entered into the tropicals' arena as an add-on category," said Mary Ostlund, marketing director of Brooks Tropicals, LLC., Homestead Fla. "They make a salsa, a marinade or a sauce out of papayas, mangos, avocados and other tropicals."

Ostlund said food service has carried the interest in tropicals also to desserts, having just tried a great papaya ice cream. She said she is finding more people are using tropical fruits and vegetables to add a tropical flair to main dishes, like a steak topped with a papaya salsa. "Food service is finding that a menu entree with one or more tropical ingredients is always a winner."