Thursday, March 5, 2009

Your favorite fruit reveals your future

Fruit astrology becomes the latest buzzword.
Excerpts from an article

Whoa! Fruits are no longer limited to your palate. Fruit astrology is the latest thing in India. Answer this question and see if you can see yourself in the stars, umm I mean fruit.

What is your favorite fruit?

Mango? – you are a person with strong likes and dislikes. You enjoy getting involved in something that is mentally challenging. And forceful as you may be, you are a kitten in your sweetheart’s company.

Are oranges your favorite fruit? - you tend to be shy. You are a reliable and trustworthy friend and have a strong aesthetic sense.

If pineapple is your fruit - you are mercurial in temperament.

Apples - you’ll make a good team leader.

If papaya works for you - you have a good sense of humor.

So, the next time you pick up a papaya or a mango, remember it’ll not just satiate your craving but also speak volumes about your personality.