Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to drink an avocado

Excerpts from a 1/28/09 Chicago Tribune article by Jeremy N. Smith

Few Americans realize the avocado is even better sipped than dipped.

For enlightenment, visit the restaurants or cafe of a Vietnamese immigrant community and seek out sinh to bo, a sweet, rich, satisfying avocado shake—instant comfort food once you overcome the initial oddity.

"One of the most intriguing things for anyone observing Vietnamese restaurant patrons is the consumption of mysterious colored drinks, many of which include a vibrant green layer like avocado," Meera Freeman writes in her cookbook, "The Flavours of Vietnam."

Tempted? To make an avocado shake at home, combine in a blender avocado, condensed milk, ice cubes and a sugar syrup. You can add chocolate syrup, which makes it even better.

Don't be surprised if overindulgence adds a spring to your step or leaves your hair shining with supermodel splendor. An energy powerhouse, the avocado contains more oil and protein than any other fruit.