Thursday, July 31, 2008

Building a better burger

Excerpts from an article in the Chicago Tribune
By James P. DeWan
July 30, 2008

It's easy to take burgers for granted, but as with everything else, the more we know, the better the end product will be.

1. Great burgers come from many sources: lamb, pork, turkey, even salmon or crab.
Burgers made from leaner meats like turkey can dry out very easily and should be augmented with moisture-adding ingredients. (like a SlimCado Avocado,see number 2)

2. Don't just think about what goes "on" your burger. Think about what goes "in" your burger too. We want the entirety of the burger, not just the top, to be seasoned and flavored.

Then, think of all the great flavor combinations you've had in the past, and imagine them in a burger. If you like guacamole, try mashing an avocado into the burger mixture. The avocado will not only add great taste but also add moisture to the meat. (Cut down on the fat and calories of the avocado by going SlimCado)

3. When mixing ground meat, make sure it's cold and keep the mixing to a minimum. If the meat gets too warm—this can result simply from the heat of your hands—the fat melts and turns everything into a gloppy mess. The best idea is keep the meat, bowl and utensils in the fridge until mixing time. Then, place your mixing bowl inside another bowl filled with ice.

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