Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Brooks welcomes Financial Analyst Mark Williams

Mark Williams is coming on board as Financial Analyst at Brooks Tropicals. Mark will be heading up budgeting efforts and working to transfer the company’s financial records to a new Enterprise Resource Planning system or ERP*. Mark’s in-depth understanding of financial reporting will support Brooks’ growing international agribusiness.

Mark comes to Brooks from the corporate offices of Office Depot where he was Financial Systems Manager. In this position, he was responsible for implementing ERP and analyzing financial reporting structures around the world. Before that he was with FEDEX heading up the financial reporting department.

Mark is a marathon runner. So far he has run 2 full marathons (26 miles each), both at respectable times hovering around 4 hours each. He started running to get into shape and currently runs at least 5 miles a day.

Mark comes from Buffalo, NY. He attended Barry University and got his MBA at Florida Atlantic University. His wife is a native Miamian. She doesn’t share Mark’s love of marathon running. Proof, Mark says that she’s the saner of the two.

Mark, his wife and their two children live in Miramar, Florida.

* An ERP system is like a dashboard to a car. The dashboard gives the driver accurate and timely information about the car - how it’s working and if the car is going in the right direction. ERP systems do the same thing for a company. It’s a system that makes sure that a company’s resources are all working towards the same goal.

The best word to describe an ERP system is integration. For example, ERP systems take information from the purchasing process which is automatically taken by the both the inventory system and accounts receivables to build an understanding of what is on hand and what bills to pay, respectively. ERP systems help integrate the work of every department in the company whether it's accounts payable, sales, field operations, packing operations, or even marketing.

An ERP system helps all the pieces of a company run together, be aware of each other and allow for smooth reactions to problems and opportunities.