Thursday, February 8, 2007

Brooks Tropicals Continues Highly Acclaimed Donation Program for Belize Schools

Brooks donates computer systems to eight schools in Belize, where Caribbean Red® and Caribbean Sunrise® papayas are grown and packed.

Continuing its engagement with schools in northern Belize, Brooks Tropicals, through its subsidiaries Fruta Bomba and Belize Fruit Packers, kicked off its school donation year with the purchase of computer systems for eight schools in the region.

“We believe in the importance of education and are very proud to support Belize schools with new computers,” said Zoltan Pinter, Vice President of Administration for Brooks. “If there's anything we know about the future, we know it will involve computers. It’s our hope that these computers help open up that future for the children of Belize and the children of our employees.”

Entering year four of this school donation program, Brooks will again work directly with schools in the region of Belize where the company grows and packs Caribbean Red and Caribbean Sunrise papayas. In the past, Brooks has donated computers, refrigerators, water pumps, electrical upgrades, student desks, books and more.

Donations go beyond making the contributions to buy the desired items. Fruta Bomba and Belize Fruit Packers personnel work closely with the individual schools to make the needed upgrades, additions or improvements. Sometimes it takes putting on a tool belt to get the job done.

In this recent donation of computers, Brooks worked closely with Belize officials in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Department of Education.

“As a company, we are committed to improving the quality of education in our respected communities of business,” said Gilberto Vivas, Manager of Fruta Bomba. “We are guided by our rich heritage and time-honored values in this effort.”

Fruta Bomba and Belize Fruit Packers, respectively, grow and pack Caribbean Red® and Caribbean Sunrise® papayas in northern Belize. These two subsidiaries of Brooks Tropicals are listed as one of the top five employers in Corozal, Belize.